RYSE Hotel


Seoul, South Korea


Hotel (282 keys)


Architectural Design


Completed, 2018

Project Area

316,825 SF/

29,434 square meters

We designed a boutique hotel celebrating the underground cultural scene of Hongdae, a vibrant and growing neighborhood in Seoul. 

As a playground for diverse cultures and an abundance of capital, Hongdae is flourishing.

From a railway yard during Japanese occupation in the ‘30s to a traditional local market in the ‘70s, today’s Hongdae comes from a richly layered history. 

Responding to the site's two urban conditions, the hotel expresses two varying facades: one facing the lively and pedestrian Hongdae district and one facing Yanghwa Road, a thoroughfare bordered by commercial office buildings.  A glass curtain wall reflects the surrounding environs while clever stonework creates an illusory pattern that — like a staircase drawn by Escher — oscillates between dimensions.  


The building set-back requirement provided a public open space, naturally creating pathways between the two fronts and an enclosed, but transparent ground level that can engage with artistic pedestrian scene of Hongdae by hosting pop-up events and operate as a local gathering space.

Footage by Isaac Maiselman