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TDG Center
Architecture | Interiors


Manila, Philippines






Design Development, 2016


311,612 sf / 

28,950 sqm

We consolidated our client's branch companies into a headquarters building that expresses the global nature of their operations.

Overarching goal of the Transnational Diversified Group office complex development project is to house TDG’s branch companies in one location and create the complex that can stand the test of time and adapt to changing requirements of a work place in the future.

Research and development of a design focus to organize building programs in such a way to create efficient work flows, encourage inter-company collaborations, and distinguish different levels of security areas, therefore there will be movement patterns within the office complex to promote interactions between office inhabitants and create a sense of community.

This project starts with a careful evaluation of what its climate capital provides. We need to understand the resources available for us to protect against and take advantage of- whether that is solar, wind, temperature, humidity or rainfall. Materials need to be part of the very initial thoughts as a building is conceived. After countless hours of design and construction, a project must ultimately be able to withstand the test of time.

Workplace design continues to change dramatically as we have moved from the industrial worker of the 1800s to the bluecollar worker of the 1900s to the knowledge worker of the twenty-first century. Today’s workplace design also aims to encourage teamwork and provide flexibility to help people do their jobs more effectively, ultimately to increase productivity. The workplace can be a competitive adventage when it’s designed to leverage opportunities created by an interconnected world. By looking into some trend-leading companies, we can find the key issues affecting organizations around the world.

There is a growing ethical awareness in the industry, that office space is now expected to be able to accommodate the changing social and economic requirements. The design of successful buildings takes into account what happens after they are built and what makes it possible for them to mature and develop.

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