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PSE - Philippines Stock Exchange
Strategy Consulting | Interiors


Manila, Philippines


Stock Exchange



Strategy Consulting

Identity Design

Interior Design


Completed, 2018


80,858 sf / 

7,512 sqm

We designed a stock exchange that is both iconic and forward-thinking

The new home for the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) spans five floors of a high-rise office tower in Bonifacio Global City. The geometry and structure of the existing tower posed numerous design challenges in accommodating the needs of a large financial institution. SCAAA provided interior design services for the trading hall, brokers’ lounge and café, museum/event space, boardroom, meeting rooms and back office areas. SCAAA also provided brand identity consulting for a new PSE logo design concept.

At the outset of the project, SCAAA carefully analyzed the interrelationships of the client’s program requirements. Efficiency, economy and security were all important factors. The overall design organizes program elements to encourage effective work flow, stimulate collaboration between operational divisions and create a sense of community. Individual office areas are intended to be flexible and adapt to future needs.

As the symbolic center of the stock exchange, the double-height trading hall was designed around the notion of a sculptural centerpiece that is also an active digital display for real-time market information. To reinforce the symbolic significance of the trading hall, the layout and geometry of all architectural elements are intended to “resonate” outwards from the media chandelier. Beyond its traditional functions, the trading hall is also intended to serve as a performance space by accommodating market-related media events. The media chandelier and other digital display surfaces within the hall can be reprogrammed to create an immersive environment and visually augment such events.

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