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Magok Mixed-Use Development


Seoul, South Korea






Architectural Design


Schematic Design, 2014


320,506 sf /

29,776 sqm

We designed a mixed-use complex that addresses the future growth of its local context as a research and development epicenter.

Located between the airport and central business district of Seoul, Magok has several planned large-scale commercial and industrial projects. New developments in Magok ought to address the high-technology, high-energy, and high-innovation spirit of the area in addition to the social needs of the people who work and live there.

Our design animates context, scale, and movement via careful organization.  New circulation patterns enrich the abutment of residential, retail, and urban lifestyles, while the spaces in between remain flexible enough to host a diversity of program.  In addition to rousing a sense of arrival, a retail-oriented corner operates as a gateway to the central business area.

Site Conditions & Concept Design

With more space dedicated to retail at street level, lifestyle and lobby programming are distributed on the top floor. Traditionally disparate functions within lobby, lounge, bar, restaurant, and meeting spaces are enriched by phsyical and sensory interaction. In addition, hotel patrons and pedestrians alike may enjoy the city-wide panorama and views north to the Han River and botanical gardens. A digitally patterned fabric seems to glow overhead, radiating towards Gonghang-ro and Soomyung-ro to compliment the liveliness of Magok.

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