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Hotel Redevelopment in Jeju


Jeju Island, Korea






Concept Design, 2019

Project Area

514,665 SF /
47,814 sq m

Saturated Phenomenon

The inspiration begins from hermeneutics and especially from French philosopher Jean-Luc Marion’s “Saturated Phenomenon”: a notion that when an experience exceeds one’s expectations by a large margin, that individual can experience uncontainable and overwhelming feelings. This is an extreme form of what is often referred to as a “wow moment”, comparable to a powerful religious experience.

In developing the architectural concepts of this project, we employed the following as tools to lay the ground work for guest experiences embodying the “Saturated Phenomenon” notion:
- Unexpected Sights
- Overwhelming Scale
- Unusual Form
- Incomprehensible Space
- Unspecifiable Time

From arrival until departure, the design sequentially guides visual and spatial experience; highlighting existing features and new enhancements throughout the site. Paired with best-in-class hospitality operations, this will culminate in an overall guest experience superior to the sum of its parts.

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