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Changzhou Redevelopment


Changzhou, China


Cafe / Gallery / Guest Suites


Interior Design


Concept Design, 2018

Project Area

15,995 SF /
1,486 sq m

Adaptive reuse to hospitality

The Dalu Restaurant was designed by Russians and built in 1916, located in street of historical and cultural significance in Changzhou. From 2005, surrounding historical buildings were sold to developers and today, Dalu Restaurant is the only remaining example of traditional architecture on the street. In 2013, the Changzhou government listed the Dalu Restaurant as a protected historical property. Our goal of the design is to preserve the unique appearance of the building and highlight the building’s historical significance through its exterior designs. A successful redevelopment will include a mix of uses (hotel/ dining/ drinking) to attract local and out-of-town customers.

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