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Historical building,
'The Dalu Restaurant' Redevelopment

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What potential redevelopment plan should fit into historically significant site in Changzhou,China? 

Changzhou is one of the biggest cities in China and it located in between the large cities of Nanjing and Shanghai. Within the economic center of the district (Zhonglou), the proposed project site is well positioned to benefit from a more prosperous population and important government tourism development projects. As researching economic, infrastructural and cultural trend- redevelopment should strive benefit from increasing regional travel and tourism ideally target the higher-end hospitality market to increase the potential for higher revenues.

Insight: Changzhou City

  • Insight: Changzhou City


As the local economy grows with the increase in imports and spending, a new transportation system will be established connecting the neighboring cities and the government plans to attract more domestic tourists. Currently, 60% of domestic visitors are staying in Changzhou for 1.6 nights, but the government plans to extend the average stay to three days. The number of visitors is growing at a double-digit rate, and the government is investing heavily in tourism, including infrastructure and tourism facilities.

  • Insight: Zhonglou & Tianning Districts 


The redevelopment site is located near "South Street", the busiest high-end retail district in Changzhou. It is located in a residential and commercial business area. In addition, it is surrounded by high-class residential areas and on average, the value of real estate is high in Changzhou. There are many residents with high economic power, but higher-end dining and drinking seletion is apparently limited. Subway stations on South Street add more visitors and consumers to the area. Four-star and five-star hotel occupancy rates are comparable to the national average in Changzhou.


Historical building 'Dalu Restaurant' to a high-class accommodation

The Dalu Restaurant was designed by Russians and built in 1916, located in street of historical and cultural significance in Changzhou. From 2005, surrounding historical buildings were sold to developers and today, Dalu Restaurant is the only remaining example of traditional architecture on the street. In 2013, the Changzhou government listed the Dalu Restaurant as a protected historical property. Our goal of the design is to preserve the unique appearance of the building and highlight the building's historical significance through its exterior designs. A successful redevelopment will include a mix of uses (hotel/ dining/ drinking) to attract local and out-of-town customers. 

Whats next?


Develop a compelling concept design, combining the right program elements to assess Hotel feasibility. Development costs, potential revenue and adaptation of the existing structures and carefully study site as part of the planning effort.

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