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BLDG BLCKS Co-working Space


Seoul, South Korea


Co-working space


Interior Design

Identity Design 


Completed, 2018

Project Area

12,000 SF/

1,115 square meters

We designed a co-working space for creative professionals.

BLDG BLCKS is a co-working space designed specifically with creative professionals in mind.


The project is situated on three floors of an existing office tower in the central Gangnam area of Seoul. The notion of open collaboration is tailored to the needs of creative professionals through the layout of the different shared and private work spaces and amenities which include: a creator’s lounge where prototypes and products can be displayed and discussed with guests, a variety of group meeting spaces, a photo studio and a materials library. BLDG BLCKS also acknowledges the 24/7 demands of the contemporary work environment and provides shower/changing facilities and communal pantries on each floor. Individual studios/offices were designed in a range of sizes and work surfaces were maximized to accommodate the unique needs of the target members.


SCAAA provided design and project management services for this fast-track project which also included brand identity design, signage consulting and the renovation of an existing outdoor roof deck that is shared by all tenants of the building.

Identity Design 

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